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Sane At Home

In this time of lock down I am taking measures to maintain my sanity. These are similar to how I approach my regular freelance life but let’s be honest, this is a whole new level of working from home!

Keep it Clean

One thing we really feel we have lost in this time is control. Cleaning is a Fantastic way of feeling like you have control. It also has the added bonus of instant gratification. Vacuuming is something I love to do. I have a rug in my main space which gets messy fairly quickly thanks to the cats. Vacuuming that thing and seeing it look so nice – almost like new – makes me feel great. Just the process of running that machine over a dirty space and having it immediately fixed brings me joy. Organizing spaces in your home can also bring some peace. Sorting through the junk drawer. Changing the way that closet space works. It is all very meditative.

Create Ritual

For some people this may mean having a schedule every day which you follow. I am not one of those people. Especially in times like this I want to sleep until I wake up and ease into the day. But having things to do each day helps. I take a walk every day. Some days I will brave the grocery store. I give myself a list of things i want to achieve that day. Scheduling phone calls with friends and family. Having these touch points keeps me moving and gives momentum to the passing time.


I love to journal but in times of stress it can be something I avoid. So I am really leaning into this right now. Being candid about my concerns in a way that I can’t be with anyone else helps me, although sometimes it is hard to look at. But I need to do it. It works. I need to remember how much it truly works.

Something To Look Forward To

This idea is derived from the concept of the Artist Date (from Julie Cameron’s The Artist’s Way). I am trying to give myself something fun to anticipate each day. It may be something I eat, something I cook, something I watch or do. On St Patty’s Day it was drinking Baileys. The other day it was trying out the new Badminton rackets with my guy. Hadn’t played for YEARS! Californians have 3 weeks of lockdown ahead and it is so important to find ways to make each day new.

Talking with Friends and Family

This is obvious but the thing I have noticed this last week is part of me wanted to shut down and not talk to anyone. I have tried to be kind to myself in this but the reality is when I jump on the phone with loved ones I feel better. (I know: duh. Forgive me. I’m slow.)


So I have been walking and doing yoga as per usual, but they allow a lot of room for thinking and that has been challenging as my thoughts are not always helpful. So I started attempting dance workouts on youtube. When you are trying to follow choreography while sweating profusely there is NO time for thinking. At all. And afterwards you feel great!

Work and Play

Now is the time to play. Apparently. I am not there yet. But I cleaned my keyboard yesterday and I am excited to spend more time playing the piano and and the mandolin and all my guitars. And hopefully the urge to write will continue to creep back in as I ease into this new phase of existing. I feel it there. It is coming.

Be Kind

I have found this time surprisingly challenging, as I have shared with you in previous posts. It is still an adjustment period and I am just trying to be as kind as I possibly can be to myself. This too shall pass. The only way out is through etc. etc.

What I am acutely aware of is how there is SO much to be grateful for in this time, so that is what I try to focus on. Having my own place to be safer-at-home in is a privilege. Having a wonderful community of support is a privilege. I am living a best case scenario existence in this time. So I choose to be grateful.

If I can help you be sane, let me know! Let’s be sane together!! Sending you all so much love.

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